About me

Hi, Thanks you for your interest.

I'm Pascal Baerten, an IT consultant with technical background in automation. I followed A2 technical studies until 1985 where I played with CNC machines and pneumatic automates. Graduated in Computer Sciences from the Robert Shuman High school in Belgium in 1989, My thesis was titled “A terminal emulator” where I mastered serial communication and networking programming.

My first computer was a Sinclair ZX81, where I learned the basics of exploiting very constrained computing resources in assembler. Later, a Commodore 64 opened the way to interfacing computers with electronic toys.

Since 1990 I developed network based resource sharing solutions in assembler and C.: Telex server, Fax server, Minitel server, mainframe front end, mail server, print server, text2speech telephone server, database gateway, IM server …

As skilled networking/server architect, I'm working as IT consultant for large financial companies since 1997.

In parallel, developments in home automation have contributed to accumulate some experience with microcontrollers and embedded computing.

Rue Buisson St Guibert, 36
5030 Gembloux
info at brain4home.eu