When I designed the first 1-wire slave device, it was to respond to specific needs not covered by standard Maxim-Dallas chips. (counters, pwm, autonomous behavior, real-time feedback, continuous adc,...)

So I did it with micro-controllers and developed an 1-wire slave protocol stack. It worked fine and quickly found lot of projects where this development could help.
I don’t like to re-design variation of the same program to fit on every various projects that I face; this is why I designed a versatile BAE0910 multifunction chip.
It is mature device that has many integrated functions. The chip is recognized by OWFS master natively and could fit in many different situations with the AutomationEngine.

The more powerful BAE0911 give 22 i/o along with an extended programming language allow to embedd complex integrated logic on the 1-wire network.

If you are like me, there are so various projects that you want to integrate within your 1-wire network…

Your feedback is welcome!